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Swaasthya Care is empowered with a team of talented specialists in different medical sectors dedicated by providing quality and speciality in health care.

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    Dr. Priya Ranjan Barik

    M.D (Medicine), Diabetes Trained (PHFI) CCEBDM
    Consultant : Medicine, Diabetes, Nephrology.

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    Dr. Swayamsidha Mangaraj

    M.D (Medicine), D.M (Endocronology)
    Consultant : Endoconologist, Specialized Consultation for Diabetes, Thyroid, Obesity, Growth Disorder, Hormone Related Problems

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    Dr. Nisith Kumar Mohanty

    M.D (Medicine), D.M (Nephrology) (AIIMS, New Delhi)
    Consultant : Kidney Diseases & Kidney Transplant

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    Dr. Hemlata Das

    Fellowship in Bleeding Disorder (UK)
    Consultant : Clinical Haematolgy

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    Dr. Jitendra Kumar Rout

    M.S (Ortho), F AO (Spine) (New Delhi)
    Consultant : Orthopaedics & Spine Surgery

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    Dr. Gopinath Parida

    M.D (Medicine), D.M (Cardiology), F.E.S.C
    Consultant : Heart Diseases

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    Dr. Rajendra Kumar Sahu

    MBBS, DNB, M.D (Skin & VD)
    Consultant : Skin, Hair & Sex Diseases

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    Dr. Prabhat Kumar Behera

    M.D (Pulmonary Medicine)
    Consultant : TB & Chest Diseases

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    Dr. Soumya Surath Panda

    M.D (Medicine), D.M (Oncology) Gold Medalist
    Consultant : Cancer Diseases

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    Dr. Prabodh Kumar Panigrahi

    MBBS, D.Ch
    Consultant : Paediatrics & General Medicine

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    Dr. Maheswar Samanta

    M.D (Medicine), D.M (Neurology)
    Consultant : Neurologist

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    Dr. Nilamadhab Mahalik

    M.S, M.Ch (Gastroenterology) (AIIMS, New Delhi)
    Consultant : Hepatologist & Gastroenterologist
    ERCP Surgical Endoscopists

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    Dr. S. Jaydev Kumar Deo

    M.D (Psychiatry)
    Consultant : Psychiatrist


we care . we cure

We offer Door-step collection of Samples for an added convenience to you.

One of the benefit of receiving care at Swaasthya Care is our on-site Laboratory services. The Laboratory comprises of highly trained, experienced and certified Medical Technologists and Technicians, all working hard to handle multiple tests and deliver accurate test results to you and your Doctors as quickly as possible. We implement all necessary procedures required for maintaining a clean and hygienic Patholab. Swaasthya Care Patholab is a full service laboratory well equipped to handle different types of Blood, Stool, Urine etc.lab tests.

We offer Laboratory Services in :

  • Pathology
  • Biochemistry
  • Haematology
  • Immunology
  • Microbiology
  • Serology
  • Coagulation
  • Urinalysis


we care . we cure

We offer Home delivery of Medications for an added convenience to you.

Swaasthya Care Pharmacy is conveniently located within the premises of Swaasthya Care Polyclinic. We offer Prescription drugs and Over the counter medications. The Pharmacy deals with many different brands of medicines to suit and fulfill your requirements. We have a team of professional, experienced and caring staff to assist you. We take care and time to get your medication dosed.


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we care . we cure

We care for individuals and family members during every stage of life.

Our Physicians focus on a variety of health issues of patients by preventing with disease management and appropriate clinical interventions, we strive to adhere to the latest Evidence Based Medicine for management. We combine the latest technology and knowledge in modern medicine with renowned practitioners in their field to offer the finest private healthcare in Balasore with latest medical standards. A patient centered environment means clients are treated with care, compassion and high quality service at a competitive price. We provide easy access to our professional healthcare that is within reach of every major neighbourhood in Balasore. Our Clinic has been in the forefront of providing modern healthcare facilities to the local population of Balasore.


we care . we cure

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